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Jan. Feb. March 2008:
Our Friend AbdesSalaam Attar is in Timbuktu doing wonderful work on all our projects and many more: http://profumo.it/mali/901.htm




Healing Hearts started assisting the Traditional Healers in Timbuktu in 2006 by sending sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes. The group had been introduced to us  by our friend the photographer and healer Joseph Hunwick who regularly goes there to photograph the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu. His father John Hunwick is a renowned expert who has been translating these manuscripts for the last 40 years.

In 2007 we were finally able to go to Timbuktu ourselves, partly spurred on by the nationwide search for a suitable English twin town, where our hometown Glastonbury had been shortlisted.

We met Dr Ali Attiram Maiga, who is the Head of the Association of Traditional Healers and witnessed his skill and the important work he is doing, helping the poorest of the community with herbs which clearly work.

As a result Healing Hearts built a traditional healing centre, which is run by Dr Ali Attiram Maiga. It has a pharmacy, a treatment room, where severe patients can also spend the night and a classroom, where this traditional skill is passed on.

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Building a traditional healing centre

Dr Ali Attiram Maiga