Newsletter February 2015

Description of our projects since May 2014:



The rainy season had been fiercer than ever and some of the walls of the school in Tanji had completely collapsed. Alpha was able to repair them with his usual strong quality and used the opportunity to double the size of the windows. Now the students get a soft cooling breeze into the classrooms.

collapsed wall

new windownew window



The saga of having prepaid the uniforms to the factory of the President, which which then went bust, finally came to an end. The rolls of material we got in exchange, have been made into beautiful uniforms for the whole school.

new uniformsFinally: new uniforms!





Daru Bjusambala

While we were building the first well in Daru Bjusambala, the Imam of the mosque down the road begged us to build the next well there. Daru Bjusambala is a new settlement and water is scarce everywhere. We were grateful that we could fulfil his wish.

wellDaru Bjusamba Well II

Kombo Kerawan

The well in front of the mosque has been completed! The skilled well builder was able to dig successfully amongst the enormous roots of the baobao trees of that area


wellKombo Kerawan Well


Babilon II Well

Our second well in Babilon, this time in front if the mosque and school, where it is so needed, is ready!

wellBabilon II Well:




Tanji Mosque

The mosque is ready and used 5 times a day. In the afternoon the mosque is being used for Holy Quran teaching.




Mihrab Masuda

When our beloved sister Masuda passed away, her family requested from people coming to the funeral, to donate something in her memory for the newly built mosque in Tanji. The Imam was asked what they would most of all need and he requested a special chair which he could put into the Mihrab and give teachings from.



Yundum Mosque

We started building one more mosque, this time in memory of Shakura's father, on the land belonging to Imam Bah. For several months all went well. Then, when we had reached window level, a neighbour turned up claiming it to be his land. At first it seemed inconceivable, as Imam Bah is one of the most respected religious leaders in The Gambia, head of the Tijani Tariqat. It turned out that the al Qadi, the Chief of that area, had by mistake given the same piece of land to two different people. The Qadi will now give a new piece of land to the other owner, so we can continue building the much needed mosque. 

blessing the groundprayers to bless the building
new wallsnew mosque up to window level



Joof's House:

After two years of drama, the house for the family of Ebrima Joof is ready: beautifully built with durable earth blocks by Alpha!




GNPC (Gambian National Paralympic Comittee):

The skill centre is up and running, so we have concentrated on supporting the GNPC by regularly distributing 50 kg bags of rice to each of the 40 members of the GNPC. In the last year they have received 7200 kg rice.


Computer Shop:

Within a short time Ebrima Colley had turned the metal container into a flourishing computer/stationery shop just across the road of his old shop.


Qurbani: 99
Rice: 17 180 kg

computer shopcomputer shop



Femmes Handicapees:


The Handicapped Ladies of Timbuktu have all moved back to Timbuktu from Bamako, where some of them had found refuge during the terrible onslaught of the islamic fanatics who were fighting in Timbuktu last year. Life is back to normal, but that still means for someone who is disabled a tough life, with very little support. They meet in their centre and produce goods like soap to sell in the market, but it takes off a lot of pressure on them when we send bags of rice regularly to them. In the last year we were able to send 8150 kg rice and distribute 103 qurbani to them.

timbuktuRice Distribution



The Traditional Healers of Timbuktu do a lot for the community, as many poor people cannot afford to pay anything for their treatment and get it for free. We have been supporting them for 7 years. This year we gave them 450 kg rice and 7 qurbani.