Annual Report 2010   

The Gambia:

Tijani-Naqshbandi Schools:

Tanji: teachers’ salaries, 160 uniforms, books, chalk, stationery, text books, uniforms, monthly Naqshbandi Zikr with pupils, buckets, bicycle, 10 benches and tables, doors and windows repairs, toilet repair, teachers' chair, classroom paint

Pupils in Tanji
Pupils in Farato 
Farato: teachers’ salaries, 150 uniforms, books, chalk, textbooks, stationery,
building of well, building of wooden fence around the allotment, monthly Naqshbandi Zikr with pupils, lid for the hand well, 10 benches and tables, building repairs, paint, garden tools, seeds for vegetable plot.


GNPC: office and secretary costs, disabled car repair.

Task Force for school check-ups, school vegetable gardens and making Zikr with pupils, laptop, sewing machine, 4 mats, turbans, 26 mosquito nets, transport (car maintenance) birth certificates and passports and visa applications for Al H.& BJ's trip to Lefke, netbook, external writer, printer, mixed Zikr, ladies' Zikr.
Naqshbandis on their way to Zikr

Sheikh Nazim Mosque:  water, 3 mats, painting

Wells, water: 


Mandina - surveillance of building new well
Children trying to drink from broken down watersystem


Watersystem improvement. Farato school well with pump, water tank for ablution.

Building of new well with pump in Farato

Distribution of mosquito nets in Yurunku


Mud blocks for the Maqqam of El Hadj Ibrima Khalidou Ndiaye, 24 mosquito nets.


Wheelchair Distribution: secretary salary, housing support, 6 wheelchairs

Kotu Craft Market Mosque: Ebou memorial Zikr bench repair, planting of 3 coconut trees, 12 mosquito nets

Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital: 
24 kilo insulin




Report of Healing Hearts insulin donation in The Observer



for trip to Sheikh Nazim in Cyprus and passports for BJ and Al Hagie

40 sheep

8610 kg

Timbuktu, Mali:

Femmes Handicapees: 
2100 kg rice, electric bill, 70 Qurbani

Traditional Healers: 
850 kg rice, 13 Qurbani



Sufi Charity Shop 20 Magdalene Street. Mo-Sat 11-17, Sun 14-17


  • Wednesday 11.30am ladies’ Zikr in private homes-
  • Thursday evenings: men's Zikr in private homes-
  • Monthly mixed Zikr with Sheikh Mikail Rose in the Abbey House
  • Mixed Zikr with Sheikh Shahid
  • Zikr with Sheikh Ahmad Dede in St.Margaret's Chapel


  • Mystical Musical Sufi Evening in the Assembly Rooms with Sheikh Hassan Dyck and the Caravan of Love
  • Workshop with Sheikh Hassan Dyck
  • Moment of Prayer on the 40th day of the passing of Sheikh Bukhari in the St. Margaret Chapel
  • Eid with Sheikh Shahid
  • Weekly opening of St Margaret's Chapel and Magdalene Almshouses in memory Pamela Bellars
  • Ramadan: Saturday,Tuesday and Thursday Night communal Tarawih Prayers in private homes
Sufi Charity Shop in Glastonbury